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7 Days to Freedom!

7 Days to Freedom!

About 95% of patients treated for addiction maintain sobriety with a single treatment.


                                               7 DAYS TO FREEDOM WITH IBOGAINE TREATMENT

A Day By Day Explanation of What to Expect

Day 1



Ibogaine therapy has been proven to be an effective and life-changing experience for those suffering from drug addiction and mental illness. Patients experience an immediate relief from withdrawal symptoms.
And within 24-72 hours they will experience a life completely free of withdrawal symptoms and cravings.
Ibogaine treatments also provide the opportunity for an individual to truly gain a unique perspective, and enriched understanding of their own life.
About 95% of patients treated for addiction maintain sobriety with a single treatment.
Our state of the art facility is the only fully staffed, medically licensed Ibogaine Center that treats drug and alcohol addiction as well as psychiatric disorders in Mexico.
Our all-inclusive treatment and stay at our facility typically lasts for one week (7 days).

                                 Ibogaine treatment is individualized according to the level of opioid tolerance. In cases where a patient is heavily dependent upon narcotic analgesics such as Oxycontin, Methadone, or Heroin the treatment duration may make a slightly longer stay necessary. Our patients arrive in San Diego and are picked up and cared for as one of our own. When you arrive at our beachfront facility you will be warmly greeted by staff and shown to your individual private suite where you can unpack and unwind. In preparation for your stay, we will search your bags to make sure no potentially dangerous substances were brought with you and you will meet with the doctor to determine medical needs, administer the proper medication specific to you, so we can keep you comfortable, stable, without withdrawal symptoms.
This is a voluntary treatment and your desire and intention to heal is a major factor in the effectiveness of Ibogaine. It will unchain you and show you the way to a new life. You will then have an evaluation with our psychologist to assess your mental and addictive states, and undergo a medical screening, if it was not done before hand. The treatment coordinator will have pre-screened you over the phone before your arrival and have you fill out our application for treatment, which your treating physician will approve. However, once you arrive an EKG/ECG and blood work (basic metabolic panel to assess liver function) will be performed before any Ibogaine is administered.
* We accept adults suffering from single or poly-substance abuse and psychological disorders.
* We will not treat underage patients.
* All inquiries are completely confidential and will be answered with discretion.
* Your privacy is extremely important to our clinic.


Addiction 90%
Withdrawals & Cravings 50%
Psychological 45%
Treatment 33%
Freedom 50%


What is Ibogaine?


Ibogaine is a naturally occurring medication obtained from the root bark of the shrub Tabernanthe Iboga. This shrub grows in Gabon and other Central West African countries. The ibogaine root bark has been used in these countries for hundreds to thousands of years during the ritualistic ceremonies of the Bwiti religion. Ibogaine displays anti-addictive properties, interrupting the symptoms of the drug withdrawal syndrome and eliminating drug craving   – allowing an addict to detoxify with no withdrawel symptoms. Ibogaine is an addiction interruptor that also resets the brain’s neurotransmitters functions to a pre-addictive state. Ibogaine has been, and is now currently again being, studied at the University of Miami in an FDA approved Phase 1 clinical trial.

How long is the treatment?


Our treatment is all-inclusive, and your stay at our facility will typically last for one week (7 days). Treatment is individualized according to the level of opioid tolerance. In cases where a patient is heavily dependent upon narcotic analgesics such as Oxycontin, methadone, or heroin; this may affect treatment-duration and make a slightly-longer stay necessary. We have a customized Ibogaine program individualized to each person’s specific needs.

What are the risks?


People with a history of heart attacks or irregular heart rhythms are not usually good candidates for an ibogaine session. Today, almost all reputable providers as well as Baja Ibogaine Center require an electrocardiogram (EKG) before giving a treatment. Fortunately, this problem affects only a small number of people. There is a very small risk, less than any medical treatment to an ibogaine session. The best policy is to be completely honest with your provider and follow his/her instructions exactly. Your provider knows the risks and his/her job is to keep you safe; if you cooperate fully, then you will experience no problems whatsoever

Are you a licensed medical facility?


Baja Ibogaine Treatment Center and Clinic is the ONLY fully Licensed Medical Facility providing Ibogaine Treatments in Baja, Mexico.

Does medical insurance cover this treatment?


No. Unfortunately, we have not seen any insurance company cover Ibogaine treatments as of yet.

Is Ibogaine recognized in the medical field?


Yes, Ibogaine has appeared in many prestigious publications and medical journals. Clinical trials and extensive research have been conducted at Universities and Independant Research Facilities around the world with excellent results. You cannot get Ibogaine in the USA, and you should not attempt using it except in a qualified Ibogaine Clinic.

Why is Ibogaine illegal in the United States?


Ibogaine was made illegal when it was classified in the same Schedule I category as LSD, psilocybin and mescaline in the 1960′s. Despite promising results during clinical trials on humans in the US, there has not been nearly enough of the funding needed to get ibogaine approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in bringing it to the market due to the lack of monetary reward (profits) from ibogaine’s sale or distribution. The single administration modality of ibogaine does not create a prospect for adequate and continuous revenue for pharmaceutical companies compared with methadone maintenance programs.

Can you get addicted to Ibogaine?


No. While Ibogaine can create fascinating experiences, it provides little or no bodily pleasure like cocaine or heroin. It contributes to a reintegration of the brain and as such helps to interrupt addiction rather than causing another addiction.

What are the contraindications?

  • Greatly abnormal values of the liver-panel and the blood-test
  • Severe psychological disorders
  • Cardiac problems
  • Brain (cerebral or cerebellar) disorders
  • Pregnancy

Who benefits from Ibogaine treatment?

In particular, those who are addicted to heroin, opiates, alcohol and cocaine achieve the greatest benefit. Even most of those addicted to nicotine can find full relief. Additionally, benefits extend to family members and friends who no longer have to witness or participate in the addict’s substance abuse, former level of pain and self-medication.

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