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Pre Care Detox Program

Pre-Care Detox Program

The Pre-care Detox Program

Making Pre-Treatment Time Easy

If you are looking for a drug rehabilitation program, then you should have an understanding of what treatment you will receive.

Ibogaine Dosing and Treatment

Upon Arrival you will be immediately evaluated and given medication to alleviate any withdrawal symptoms or discomfort

Treatment is a little different with this medication than with other drug addiction treatments. The total process takes about 7 days, though may take a little longer depending on certain circumstances. The first two days will be spent evaluating you medically. You will be given an EKG and Full Blood Panel Tests and any other tests that the Medical Staff may deem necessary. The reason for this is that the staff needs to test and evaluate your medical condition and will want to get an understanding of who you are so they can give you the best environment for the treatment.

  • You may enjoy Yoga, the Gym, Sauna, and a host of other amenities at your disposal
  • You will be assigned your own private bedroom suite for the duration of your stay
  • Our chef will prepare 3 healthy meals daily with snacks in between if you so wish
  • Any special dietary needs will be met
  • You will also have time to relax and contemplate your new life after treatment
  • You will have full access to your cell phones and computers
  • You will have a daily session with your doctor
  • Your vital signs will be monitored several times daily
  • Any medical conditions you may have that are deemed necessary to be treated by your doctor will be treated
  • You will be seen by a staff psychologist to discuss any questions you may have
  • You will receive a massage by our certified masseuse
  • Upon special request you may receive a session with a world class Shaman
  • On the Third night you will start taking the Ibogaine. The dosage is uniquely determined for each patient by our experienced physicians and the influence of the Ibogaine usually lasts 24-36 hours with differing phases of intensity. During this time you will be confined to bed in your private room as walking is not easy during this time. There are medical caregivers and nurses as well as a doctor there at all times, though the focus of this time is to look back on your life with a different perspective to really understand how the addiction is affecting you. This is also used to get rid of resentment and pent up emotions that can trigger the addiction.


The effectiveness of Pre Care Detox Program and the promotion of safety, comfort and respect for the patients at Baja Ibogaine Center Spa and Resort are of utmost importance. We promote an atmosphere of freedom at Baja Ibogaine Center and only restrict the activities of our patients when necessary to promote safety and comfort.

Privacy of other patients should be respected at all times. Cameras are permitted but photos of other patients should only be made with permission.

Cell phone, mobile devices and laptop computers are permitted and patients are encouraged to use them at times and in ways that do not interfere with the rights of others. Head phones are encouraged.

All over-the-counter and prescription medicines must be pre-approved before being brought to the facility. This includes medicines purchased after arrival at our facility in Mexico.

Of course, no alcohol or illegal drugs may be brought to the treatment center or consumed there or at any other location during a patient’s stay at the center. For the safety and well-being of all patients property will be searched by staff at the time patients check in.


Immediately upon Arrival you will be seen by a doctor  and given medication to eliminate any withdrawals and keep you comfortable until treatment.


Prepared fresh daily by our Gourmet Chef.


While we are a fully licensed medical facility we also provide a vast array of holistic modalities.


The ultimate in treatment for health, energy and vitality.
“The attention they gave me: it's great!   it has been an unforgettable experience, the good treatment, the doctors and nurses so professional and the place near the beach, have allowed me to rediscover myself again. Spiritually I have returned to full happiness and with my family.  Total Thanks.
“First of all hands off to you guys for your effort and nice, professional approach of this global and destructive problem as it is drug addiction in our loved ones.The desperation I felt every night that my son did not return to sleep, had me sick and on the verge of collapse. I finally found this prestigious professional group, who methodically managed to return happiness to the family. My son does not use drugs anymore!”
“My experience with Ibogaine was one I will never forget. At first I was afraid; I did not know what to expect, but what did I have to lose? Nothing.  I could not stop using drugs. then, one day take the determination, after having used several protocols against drug addiction: Believe me that I feel spectacular, without that feeling of requiring drugging and I am more productive.  This really change my life.”

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