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Why Baja Ibogaine Treatment Center?

Why Baja Ibogaine Center
The BAJA Ibogaine Treatment Leader

At Baja Ibogaine Treatment Center, our success is your freedom; we are totally focused on helping you free yourself from the chains that are needlessly keeping you from a wonderful life.  Our treatment protocol with Ibogaine was created and structured from the best organizations, hospitals and research facilities in the world.  That end result is an organization and full medical facility dedicated to the safe and effective administration of the most exciting breakthrough in addiction and behavior modification to have occurred in our lifetimes, namely Ibogaine.

An Experienced and Well-Trained Staff

Our staff has over 50 years combined experience in the safe and effective administration of Ibogaine, having managed and supervised over 14 years more than 3,000 administrations of the medicine with not one complication.  This vast experience in helping people promotes a culture of understanding, empathy and commitment that aide’s patient in their quests for freedom from addiction and destructive behavior and most of all the highest success rate in Mexico.

The staff at Baja Ibogaine Center was carefully chosen not only for their experience and ability in helping patients overcome their addictions and life-limiting behaviors, but also for their backgrounds in educational and medical training.

Baja Ibogaine Center’s Treatment Coordinator is Gabriella Ruiz, MD. who is a licensed MD in  Trauma & Anesthesiology . Her  personal experience with Ibogaine played an integral part in her decision to be involved full time in helping people regain fulfilling rewarding lives through the administration of Ibogaine.

The Medical Director and co-owner of Baja Ibogaine Center, Dr. Victor Ortega, MD., is a board certified licensed physician in Mexico .  He has more than 20 years’ experience in medicine including Instructor of Advance Life Support – CPR.

All nurses and medical staff at The Baja Ibogaine Center are fully medically licensed and are trained in emergency medical care.  Medical staffs are on duty at the facility 24 hours a day.  Both male and female nurses are available.  Each patient is assigned their own nurse.

Most other Ibogaine Treatment Centers will state that they have a medical staff; this may only consists of a student nurse and an EMT or even less. Our extensive staff includes 2 board certified Medical Doctors, 2 board certified Surgeons, 2 board certified Anesthesiologists, and a Clinical Psychologist, PhD. This means that we can do a full review of our patient’s medical conditions prior to treatment and also help discuss prescriptions post treatment. As well as handle all medical treatments and any emergency situations. This is the major difference in our clinic.

Wonderful Facilities, Invigorating Activities in a Beautiful Location

The Baja Ibogaine Center is located in Rosarito Beach, one of the most convenient yet beautiful locations in all of Mexico, just 10 miles south of San Diego, California.  Year round warm breezes, 5 star Ocean Front facilities, fully medically equipped and staffed, and the loving and caring staff are what sets us apart.


Located on the beach, our spacious facility occupies three floors and is approximately 4,500 square feet.  We have private security and access to tennis courts and a private beach.

Each patient will have a private bedroom suite complete with  private bathroom with access to living areas and kitchen facilities. Patients are free to bring mobile devices including laptops and cell phones.


A professional chef and staff are on duty to prepare customized meals to please and accommodate every palate in accordance with the information provided by the patient before their visit to our facility.  Well-balanced nutritious meals are served with the goal in mind of promoting health and renewed vigor in preparation for the revitalized life patients will experience as a result of Ibogaine treatment.

An activities coordinator is on staff whose goal it is to plan and coordinate activities such as Reiki, Yoga and more for each patient to facilitate a productive and healthy time with us but also to create a memorable one as a beginning for a their renewed life.

There is a patient service attendant who takes care of all daily cleaning, room attendance and laundry.


Patients are encouraged to plan on staying long enough to enjoy the many world class amenities located in the area which include world-renowned deep sea fishing, horseback riding on the beach, surf lessons, bicycling, full service spas including detoxification saunas, private and group yoga sessions, personal training, various kinds of massage and many kinds of opportunities for shopping ranging from local markets to exclusive luxury shops.

The facility itself includes a billiards table, X-Box, Direct Satellite Television,  Gym, Shiatsu Water Massage, Sauna, Professional Masseuse, and  Jacuzzi.

Nature and mountain hiking begins with just a twenty minute walk from the facility.

Just Some Of Our Exclusive Features


The Treatment Facility is A Fully Government Licensed and certified Medical Facility and all Doctors and Nurses are certified and Licensed.


This is also the same cocktail that Madonna, Brad Pitt, Simon Cowell, Katy Perry and Rihanna who are just a few of the celebrities among thousands of others worldwide who receive a Myers Cocktail weekly or even several times a week.


We use only 99.8% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Ibogaine HCL.  It is the only safe form of Ibogaine, completely toxin free.


Many people ask , are you close to a hospital. We are in fact a fully licensed hospital and therefore all possible equipment and medical services are completely on site.
“The attention they gave me: it's great!   it has been an unforgettable experience, the good treatment, the doctors and nurses so professional and the place near the beach, have allowed me to rediscover myself again. Spiritually I have returned to full happiness and with my family.  Total Thanks.
“First of all hands off to you guys for your effort and nice, professional approach of this global and destructive problem as it is drug addiction in our loved ones.The desperation I felt every night that my son did not return to sleep, had me sick and on the verge of collapse. I finally found this prestigious professional group, who methodically managed to return happiness to the family. My son does not use drugs anymore!”
“My experience with Ibogaine was one I will never forget. At first I was afraid; I did not know what to expect, but what did I have to lose? Nothing.  I could not stop using drugs. then, one day take the determination, after having used several protocols against drug addiction: Believe me that I feel spectacular, without that feeling of requiring drugging and I am more productive.  This really change my life.”

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