I stayed at the facility the first week in March. Now that my brain is processing things completely and I’m expressing myself (mostly) to full capacity, this is my delayed thank you:

To the staff:
I can not say enough about your kind attention and extreme intelligence. I wanted for nothing while I was there and I will not forget those who were there and there for me (and please forgive me if any of the names are spelled incorrectly):

The Nurses at the facility:
Stephanie-a bubbly young woman, who also got me safely to the hospital for treatment. Priscilla, very attentive and kind, who was there even when she was not feeling well. Tania, who I found to be a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration in her own right.

The Paramedics and Nurses during treatment:
Esmerelda, a kind presence, who tended me during the first stretch. Fernando, who I also saw a few times after treatment and always had an infectious smile. Michael, who was there during, and his partner (whose name I never retained because she took care of me at the height of my fuzzy trip), who patiently tended to me.

Liselda, who drained the tension from my back with the great massage.

Shaman Javier and Lorna, who both helped me afterwards, with the processing of so many thoughts and emotions.

The drivers:
Alex, who picked me up and waited patiently while my scattered brain finally processed the best arrangement with my family’s logistics, and Enrique who found a safe place to turn around on the road, where there was little space to be found, when I forgot my thyroid medication.

And last, but certainly not least, Lucy, whose smile lights up the facility like the midday sun and makes it feel like home. I will not soon forget your care making excellent food, doing my laundry, and keeping the place very clean.

To Jose and Dr. Velazquez

I can not thank you enough for the exemplary care I received. You are both gifted professionals and I am honored to have you and your staff. Thank you for doing such a great service for so many. You are saving future generations from great harm and distress and the service is beyond the value of any worldly currency.

Jose, you are a force to be reckoned with, with your abundant energy, your constant positive presence and attention to all details. You were truly a pleasure to be around, and made the stay that much more enjoyable.

Dr. Velazquez, I think that anesthesiology is an appropriate profession for you-it suits your calming demeanor. In spite of the language barrier, your kindness and concern came through in spades and I was honored to be in your care.

With gratitude
Cheryl Lezak