Treatment for heroin addiction @ “Baja Ibogaine Center” is carried out by the professional and the most experienced doctors & therapist. We use effective holistic approach to redeem from any fatal chemical dependency. Ibogaine heroin treatment help people not only to quit their addiction but also moralize them to live a sober & drug-free life. 

Treatment For Heroin Addiction

Heroin is a highly addictive analgesic drug that is derived from morphine and also known as diamorphine this is the most common recreational drug which is used to create the euphoric effect. This highly addictive as well as extremely painful substance that can cause serious damage to vital human organs simultaneously, break down the immune system.

Treatment Options For Heroin Addiction

If you are seeking for complete treatment for heroin addiction then there are a lot of options available, however, not every clinical medicine is good enough to uproot the craving of several chemical dependencies. Regular drugs rehab helps out the patient to quit addiction but they are not so effective at making a person sober for the lifetime.

Heroin addiction can be deadly in most of the cases that are why we at “Baja Ibogaine Center” assist patient undergoes a program which helps to restore a degree of normalcy to brain function & social behavior also decrease the risk of HIV, criminal behavior as well as other diseases.

Ibogaine For Heroin Treatment

Ibogaine for heroin treatment is a form of healing which is completely holistic as well as safe & effective. Ibogaine is a western African shrub which is used by the tribal people for several ceremonies. “Baja Ibogaine Center” use it to heal and deliver an effective & drug-free sober life. Working on two major vital aspects which are known as behavioral & medication, the patient will receive an emphatic treatment which heals them mentally, physically and spiritually. Read more about Ibogaine.

As the best heroin drug rehab, we have successfully healed uncountable people all around the world and an alternative treatment for heroin addiction delivered by us will take you away from any addiction, painful and guiltiness. Behavioral therapy, Pharmacological treatment & ibogaine holistic approach is used by us to deliver lifetime sobriety.